Mi amiga y compañera de crew Zas (APC – MDK) publicó recientemente «LA ESCRITURA TOSCA, una antología romántica», una recopilación de textos, canciones y dibujos que han sido escogidos teniendo en cuenta un criterio único: una visión romántica del graffiti.

El lanzamiento oficial será el próximo jueves 7 de mayo [6-10 pm] // Cra 9 # 69 -07 [Bogotá – Colombia]

Aprovecho la oportunidad para compartir el texto con el que participo en su versión en inglés, escrito en junio de 2013, «Ocultar el rostro».

Este es un libro gratuito. Será distribuido en bibliotecas y centros de documentación. [+] información:

[Las primeras 30 personas en llegar reciben un ejemplar del libro]*

My friend and fellow crew Zas (APC – MDK) recently published “THE GRUFF WRITING, a romantic anthology,” a compilation of texts, songs and drawings chosen by a unique criteria: a romantic vision of graffiti.

The official launch will be next Thursday, May 7 [6-10 pm] // Cra 9 # 69 -07 [Bogotá – Colombia]

I take this opportunity to share my text that participate in its english version, written in june 2013, “To hide your face.”

This is a free book. It will be distributed at libraries and documentation centers of cities around the globe. Check out more information about it at

[The first 30 people to arrive receive a copy of the book] *



Hide your face, get a name yourself, create an identity into another one and use it when it’s convenient. take advan- tage of it and have fun doing it. that’s the most important part: having fun in this life where fun seems to be proportional to the amount of money you have in your pocket, or the number of credit cards in your wallet. proportional to the number of pictures you have with your friends in parties with drinks in your hands. having fun in a world where fun seems proportional to the amount of “likes” and “happy faces” in your facebook comments; proportional to the number of times you “show your face” and the pride you feel doing it.

Show your face to build an identity in a world where identity seems every- thing that matters when in reality is all the opposite? another name, another face, another identification number, another lie. there is no evolution in giving up one’s anonymity, whatever means to be anony- mous today. likewise there is no evolution when you accept the “game rules”, or when you make discourses for the cameras or facebook.

In this big soup called graffiti the substance is made by those who keep the streets in movement, walking all over, hanging out in the street, even if only with a crayon in their pockets. those who know that to evolve is to keep painting without losing their identity, not the one that is being imposed on them, not the friday night identity, or the “urban artist” identity; but their own identity, the one each one has built by doing tags all around. there is nothing more valuable and talkative than the streets full of tags; that is where it all begins and that’s where all is going to end, if it ends someday.

Yes, like the dogs pissing and marking their territory. It is so easy to make that comparison to despise graffiti. people are so ignorant that they cannot understand what it is really happening there. be it in graffiti or in the complex system that dogs have developed to mark their territory but also to communicate and distribute information in order to know and learn about their environment. there is no better analogy right now. Indeed, it happens the same with graffiti as with dogs: some are streetwalkers, anonymous, marking their territories, living the streets, suffering and enjoying them. others have an owner and are trained and neutered to keep them from pissing out there. to prevent them to mark their territory they are taught only to piss in “allowed places”; they are named stupid names and wear a collar with an information plate in case they get lost. there is nothing more similar to it than what is happening with this graffiti soup that is so tasteless nowadays.

To hide your face is part of a historical learning, it is true evolution. to hide your face is not something invented by graffiti; it is not part of the fash- ion season, or related with the revolutionary leftist cliché. to hide your face, your body, the imposed identity, is a practical act, a political act, and most of all a symbolic act. It is a way to move and communicate outside the system, any system. It is the same as not to vote for anyone and for anything, like shoplifting in a supermarket, or to trick a police- man, or to walk only because you want to do it, and without direction. someone said it very well: “and look how things are: we cover our faces to be seen”. how boring this all becomes barefaced, everybody sitting in order for a “graffiti table”, talking about “entrepreneurship” (?), “training of trainers” (?), “training schools” (?), “graffiti practice security regula- tions” (?); trying to domesticate animals that by nature are streetwalkers.

Fortunately for many and to the misfortune of millions, graffiti continues, and it will continue to be destruction, vandalism and it will continue to be anonymous despite the “instatrash” culture, and all the social networks; despite the “pseudo-urban tourism”, and the “graffiti tables, benches and picnics” and alike. It is not a 24-hour fashion; it is not a thing of entrepreneurs, promoters, representatives or bearers.

My respect and admiration for those who think, create and talk with its faces hidden, be it for fun, security, necessity or any other motive.
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